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1. Issue: Jack have a good plan for the implementation of the ASRS but poor planning. To implement the system they are going to have to use IT and bandwidth personnel who are already involved in other projects and obviously have not been informed. 2. Issue: Customers are having to go through a long process in order to have direct communication with Customers Service Representatives. They are having to pick from a long list of choices and to long of a wait listening to recordings after recording when they finally get to talk to a person theyWeekly Video Analysis Report are having to wait even more to get their questions answered and get information regarding the process address and other issues with purchase returns. 3. Issue: Customers are having to call to get information on how where and what they need to do in order to return a product they purchased. 4. Issue: CanGo has an issue with the way their web site is designed. They are losing customers and the ones who are browsing are not buying which seem to be the same problem other sites are having. 5. Issue: Nick whom is a Senior Staff Member is employed by CanGo as a swing operator in the shipping expediting and marketing departments. He has a degree from City College in New York although it is reported that Nick led the company in sales during CanGo?s last quarter Nick is always confused about everything. He?s not organized can?t seem to keep information where it can be found and don?t seem to take his job seriously. 6. Issue: Conservative on the expected improvement numbers; process flow chart nowhere near being done the buck? was being passed as to who had the flow chart; peer Pressure used by VALS2tm to sell more product; current campaign seem to work with a market in a different country 1. Recommendation: Jack need to submit a requisition for implementation of the plan to CanGo?s Board of Directors and request a meeting with all the staff from IT and bandwidth before deciding on having them work on the system. Everyone involved in the project has to be able and willing to participate. Jack also have to make sure that the company will be willing to set a budget for the system. 2. Recommendation: The system needs to be updated to make it easy for customers to make immediate connection with Customers Service. There need be no more than three choices given by the recording. a. Choose 1 if you need to speak directly to a Customers Service Representative. b. Choose 2 if you are calling to check on your order. c. Choose 3 if you are willing to complete a short survey. 3. Recommendation: Each package should include instructions as to how where how much time the customer has to return any items purchase requirements for returns (CD preciously opened cannot be returned) addressed pre labeled tags Customers Service telephone number and option number they need to pick for faster service. 4. Recommendations: CanGo need to re-design the web site to appeal to the type of customers who are most interested in the type of products they offer. They need to reach customers and request their input. The use of surveys would benefit them to gain this information. Once again making it a simpler way for the customers to communicate with Customers Service including satisfaction surveys with each product they ship and offering their customers the choice to log in and completed on line satisfaction input may also be a good way of getting their customers feedback. 5. Recommendation: CanGo?s management need to have council with Nick and perhaps have him take an organizational training. CanGo need to reevaluate Nick?s performance. If Nick is not held responsible for not keeping deadlines CanGo will lose time and money if this issue is not resolved. 6. Recommendation: When calculating the improvement numbers one may want to add between 10-20% onto the numbers. This way if you come in under on the budget end but up on the ROI and profits you look good by management. Now if you remain conservative you are more likely to be over on a number of your predictions. When the manager wanted to see the flow chart the employee?s should own up to the fact that they don?t have it and don?t know exactly where it is at. Thankfully Debbie was on top of everything within the flow chart. References Week 3 Introductory Video: Managing episode: Choosing a Strategy Assistant Operations Manager Debbie Discussion Notes on the Customers Service Process. Episode Understanding Customers Behavior.”

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