Well maintained tiled floors

Billy Arment Eng. Comp. II WC 1028 Problem Solving Essay Maintaining High Quality Tiled Floors It is a beautiful clear early evening with stars shinning above; and the downtown business community is a buzz. Shops line each side of the attractive street as far as the eye can see. The streets trimmed with wide, clean, free of debris side walks carefully placed leafy trees adorned in white flickering lights, and fine white rock in an area of about four square feet surrounding the base of the trees. As passerbys stop in front of the immense display windows of the retail shops shopping for a pretty dress, powerful hand tool, computer game or that special toy that lay just the other side of the glass partition that separates them from their desires. Simultaneously two families enter separate stores on opposite sides of the street both shops quaint fully stocked with the treasures they seek. Greeted by sales clerks wearing smiles upon the face, but there is a difference however, one store is very busy, and the other is sparsely filled with customers. The only significant difference besides clientele is the entranceways the store that is busy has a lovely entrance with plants; decoration and a well maintained high gloss tiled floor. The other store with very few customers has some stray leaves that have blown in the entranceway no accessories and a dirty tiled floor with no shine; it is not very inviting. First impressions are lasting impressions; the appearance of the floor in the entranceway of a business can make a good impression on potential customers and visitors or it can make a business look inferior in fact a neglected floor can be detrimental to a business. This is a problem area that plagues most business owners and commercial contract cleaners. As a professional self employed commercial contract cleaner for nine years now I have experienced great satisfaction leaving a business with a high quality hig…

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