Essay #2: Wexford (A Portrait of Evil) The character Wexford of the book Peace Breaks Out, is by no question an atypical adolescent. He is different than the rest of his peers, Wexford is an evil villain. But, as well as being evil he is also extremely bright, he goes about his business very smart and without having to do any of the dirty work. He is smarter than the average teenage boy. He is more mature and more prepared to face the real world. From the start of the book when the characters are first introduced to us it is evident that Wexford is different from the other boys. When Eric Hochschwender was stating his opinion of American History most of the other boys just let him say what he wants and even though they are offended they keep it to themselves. Not Wexford he ignites what will become a never-ending conflict between he and Hochschwender. Wexford challenges Erics opinion and doesnt give up. These conflicts continued everyday on every issue that arose. This is an example of how Wexford always has to have his way, and if he doesnt get it at first he will not give up until he does. And if some one happens to be in the way of what he is trying to accomplish he will by all means necessary make sure that they do not remain there too long. Wexford also differs from his peers in the way that he is not very interested in athletics. He would much rather be doing more along the lines of reading, playing the piano, or writing editorials for the school paper. In other words, he would rather be exercising his mind than his body. This would be a problem do to the fact that every student that attended Devon was required to participate in athletics each season. Although this rule had no exceptions Wexford found a way around it. He told Pete Hallum and the other masters that he was on the golf team in the fall and cross-co…

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