What are the social and academic implications of mixed age classrooms

What are the social and academic implications of mixed age classroomsOutline TemplateResearch Question:? State your research question, and describe why is this an important question/problem to study?Abstract and key words:? Include an abstract of your paper here.? What are some key words that will need to be place in this study so the reader has a clearer understanding?Theories:? Describe which theories and theorists are closely related to your research topic? (Be sure you include more than one so that you can compare and contrast within your paper using your journal critiques that you have completed)? How does your research relate to the existing theories? What are your own theoretical assumptions and allegiances based on the information you have gathered?Include outline of your theoretical research paper.? Place a detailed outline of your headings and subheading for the paper here.Conclusion? What do you still need to determine/find through my research?Write a traditional theoretical framework paper that builds upon the research question, outline, and bibliography that you have already submitted. Your paper should incorporate at least 10 empirical sources within the past 5 years, all of which must be cited on the final bibliography page. It is important that you synthesize the information from your research in order to create a well-blended paper. Also, remember that the purpose of this assignment is to use a specific learning theory to address your research question or problem; thus, your research question should build upon the learning theory that you have chosen. Organize and format your paper according to APA style.

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