What are we doing here

What are we doing here is a question that simply does not have a right or wrong answer. It’s a question that is thought about often by many. From person to person the answer to this philosophical question differs. The following paragraphs will enlighten you on the views of Swift, Twain, Beckett, Sartre, Sophecles, Dante, Voltaire, and myself. By writing Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift implies that people were put on this earth to experience life and see it through different perspectives His voyages take him everywhere and each place he goes, he see’s life a completely different way. Back home in England, Lemuel Gulliver is a respected surgeon. He fits in perfectly there is nothing unique about his life there. He is simply normal. His travels take him to places such as Liliput where is he’s imprisoned and treated like an evil criminal because he’s huge in comparison to the six inch Liliputians. In Brobdingnag he learns what it is like to be treated as a toy. He’s a tiny person compared to the huge giants and they felt that he was more of a trinket or a pet rather than a human being. Then in the land of the Houyhnhnms and Yahoo’s he see’s life through the eyes of a lower class citizen, almost an animal. He resembles the Yahoo’s , therefor the horses believe that he is one. They think that he is wild and unusual and does not deserve to be treated with respect. He experiences what it feels like to be dumb and unimportant. He also realizes what it feels like to be judged based upon what you look like or resemble. Through this information, Swift indicates that we are here to live life to its fullest, experience it, and most of all learn from it. The Mysterious Stranger, written by Mark Twain, is a story of a young boy and his experience with a greater being, Satan. At first the boy thinks Satan is a great person. He helps him out whenever he needs it, he has complete control. Satan pleases the boy and his companio…

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