What Can Be Discovered In the Trials and Death Of Socrates

In ” The Trails and Death of Socrates” we discover Socrates unique approach to philosophy. His method involves questioning people’s theories and making them think in order to discover the right answers. Socrates’ goals were to achieve more knowledge and at the same time influence other people. I plan to identify and evaluate Socrates practice of philosophy, along with his beliefs and goals. Socrates lived in Athens during the Periclean Age until his death in 399 B.C. He was a well known philosopher who would express his knowledge to anyone who cared to listen. Socrates was a clever and intelligent man, while at the same time very modest. He was truthful and spoke not in fancy phrases, but in random words that came to his mind. During the time in which “The Trial and Death of Socrates” took place, Socrates was seventy years old. Socrates lived in a time when people did not really question things. Socrates’, on the other hand, main method of philosophizing involved asking many questions. By questioning people and making them think he was able to obtain knowledge and understanding of life and its values. At the same time, Socrates was helping the people he was questioning understand the reasoning of his concepts and where they went wrong. People would gather around and listen to Socrates question someone in order to gain knowledge and understanding from his words. Socrates believed that people ” take pleasure in hearing people questioned”(Ap 23c). This method of questioning, however, was not very popular with many of the people Socrates talked with. People started getting upset with Socrates for making them look unintelligent, but that did not stop him. He kept questioning more people in his search of knowledge. One of Socrates’ main goals in questioning people like this was intellectual pursuit. In other words, he was on a search for human wisdom. Socrates believed ” The understanding of life and its…

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