What new information do we learn about Sweet Home Essay Help

What new information do we learn about Sweet Home in this chapter specifically about Denver?s birth? In this chapter we learn that Sethe was already pregnant with Denver when she ran away from Sweet Home. By the time when Sethe collapsed her feet in the woods a white girl Amy Denver had found Sethe. Due to Sethe?s fear about Sweet Home she told Amy Denver a false name- Lu? because if she were caught she would be returned to Sweet Home and she would continue experiencing her previous painful daily life again. Amy Denver helps Sethe by massagedSweet Home her feet and release her pain. Later Sethe gave birth to her baby successfully with Amy?s help and Sethe also naming the child after Amy Denver. 5. Retell the night of Denver?s birth from Amy?s point of view. That night when I escaped toward Boston from Mr. Buddy I found a pregnant woman in the woods. Her feet were collapsed and she seems prepared to die. She told me that her name is Lu but I feel that she was trying to hide something which cannot tell anyone. Later she gave birth to her baby successfully with my helps and I can see how joyful she was. Maybe as thanks to my help she named her baby after my name- Denver. Journal Entry Chapter 1 Write a journal entry as Sethe or Denver describing how you feel about Paul D?s arrival. How do you think it will change life in 124? Paul D?s arrival brings negative impacts and feelings to Denver and consequently changes Denver?s daily life from now on. As the youngest child of her mother Sethe Denver was born in freedom. Even though Denver has no friends because the community knows that the house is to be haunted but she still received all the loves from her mother before Paul D came in to her family?s life. When Denver?s mother introduces Paul D as a special guest to her a feeling of jealousy and anger comes directly into Denver?s mind because she clearly knows that she would not anymore be the only one? for her mother likewise Paul D plays a vital role and he also takes an important position in in her mother?s heart. What do you think Baby Suggs means when she says What?d be the point [of moving?]?Not a house in this country ain?t packed to the rafter with some dead Negro?s grief. We lucky this ghost is a baby.?(5) In my opinion I think Baby Sugg means that they are lucky that the ghost is a baby which would not be able to hurt the family in a huge and horrible way. Likewise if the ghost is not a baby but an adult then the ghost might easily kill them when it got mad. Thus Baby Sugg thinks that there is no point of moving to another house because they baby has none of harmful impacts on them. 20-27.What do Paul D and Sethe remember about Sweet Home? Why do you think Morrison gives us the information bit by little bit? Both Paul D and Sethe?s memories about Sweet Home are extremely grieved. For an example Sethe?s life as a slave in Sweet Home is painful. This quote demonstrates that Sethe?s chokecherry tree? scar on her back was resulted by the men who whipped her and tole her baby?s milk when she was still a slave. I think Morrison gives us the information bit by little bit because she wanted to hid certain information for the middle of the book. Also she might also wanted to attract readers mind by using this Strategy. Similarly if an author gives the readers all the information at one time then the readers might lose the interest to continue reading the book because the reader had already what will happen later on.”

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