What role does schools, family, and community play in gender, race, or class issues on a particular issue? Pick one topic to write about:? Explore a particular ethnic group and research what barriers and success this particular group faces in education? Cultural mismatch between students and teachers? Language ? ESL education? Dual Immersion programs? Using Ebonics in schools? Special Education issues? Standardized Testing? Cultural assimilation and ?acting white?/camouflaging intelligence? Fitting in at school (sexual orientation, class differences, etc.).? Issues of gender at home that may affect girls or boys? behavior and academic success at school? Peer pressure at school or in the neighborhood? Issues of violence in schools and in neighborhoods? Tracking in schools? Health issues such as nutrition at home and at school (hunger, obesity, etc.)? Is school curriculum relevant to students? lives/multicultural education? Children of immigrant parents face issues such as language brokering, parents unable to participate in parent/teacher meetings due to language barriers or work, and not being able to give them tangible, practical advice on how to navigate the college going system? Physical decay of schools and communities? Issues that principals and administration face in dealing with some of the above concerns? How the ?cool pose? culture clashes with school culture? Learning service requirements or senior projects in high schools? Teaching empathy in schools through volunteer work, animals, and/or plants? Use of school uniforms to prevent gang affiliation clothing items or classism, etc.

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