Where Should The Blame Be

It happened April of 1999. It was the single worst tragedy ever to occur within a high school. Two high school students, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, marched right into their school armed head to toe with weapons, and opened fire on their peers. Who is to blame for this senseless act of slaughter? Should the parents have discovered their childrens plot before it happened, should we consider their peers part of the problem, or should we find the media at fault with placing violent thoughts into childrens minds? The argument that the parents are responsible is a good one. Parents should know what their children are doing at all times. That statement is true to an extent, however, in our generation, kids are growing up much faster than they did in the past that means they are given much more freedom. Also, there are many circumstances that may cause parents to distance themselves with their children. These circumstances may include a family in which both parents work full-time jobs which make it near impossible to monitor their high school child at all times. Also, the challenge of hiding things from your parents is not all that hard as many have found out at least once in their lives. So to blame the parents alone would not be the fairest statement. Another reason for the massacre could be their peers. Numerous friends of the killers have said that they were outcasts and were often treated badly. Some would say that Columbine was home to vicious cliques. One click was the athletes or the jocks and the other was the outcasts. The outcasts defined themselves by wearing a black trench coat. The were said to have been badgered and tormented by the jocks who also called themselves the Abercrombie Army, a name which they took from the popular clothing store Abercrombie & Fitch. Was the torment in school enough for Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold to commit this horrible act? The final responsib…

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