WHS policy1. Locate any WHS policy documents or statements for your organisation whichreflect the organisation?s general commitment to WHS or to a specific aspect ofWHS.For each of the policy documents or statements:a) Explain the purpose or intention of the policyb) Comment on its currency, adequacy and suitability to the organisation,and if it accurately reflects the organisations approach and commitment toWHS.c) Use your findings from b) to update or rewrite the WHS policy.d) Identify how and where it is communicated to stakeholders, key personneland the public. Would you make any changes or recommendations2. Write a set of procedures or guidelines for WHS participative arrangements in your chosen workplace. They may be based on current workplace practices, or represent recommendations for possible guidelines in your workplace.You will need to refer to Part 5 of the WHS Act, 2015 in your jurisdiction for relevant information and legislative requirements.Your procedures must outline:? The nature of the arrangements? What WHS matters will be consulted on (make reference to WHS legislation);? Who will be consulted for each matter;? When, or under what circumstances, will the consultation occur;? How the consultation process will occur;? The election and role of health and safety representatives and committees.? Any other requirements such as workgroups, deputy representatives, etc.? Outline of the issue resolution process and feedback on outcomes3. Explain how information about the outcomes of participation and consultation will be communicated to workers and relevant personnel.Make sure you include/explainmaram:? Timeframes for any communication processes.? How you will communicate (i.e. what format or mode of communication).? Any language, literacy or numeracy issues and how you will make the information accessible to all stakeholders.Risk management procedures4. Develop a set of guidelines for the ongoing process of hazard identification, assessment of risk and control of those risks in your chosen workplace.Your guidelines must include:? When formal hazard identification and risk assessment processes will occur (consider: planning, design andmaram:evaluation stages of any workplace changes and any requirements for expert OHS advice)? How the process ensures that new hazards are not created by any changes to equipment, processes, people, work systems, work environment, risk controls, etc.? Ongoing hazard identification processes and risk management? Continuous improvement strategies and workplace monitoring

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