Why a planner is important

Memorandum To: City Council of Town, State From: Name, Planning Consultant Date: Re: Adding a Town Planner to Your Staff Planning in any town is an important part of the growth, development and sustainability of the citizens and businesses in that town. I believe that your town council could greatly benefit from adding a planner to your staff. Planning suggests a systematic attempt to shape the future. It attempts to link scientific and technical knowledge to actions in the public domain, and processes of societal guidance and of social transformation. Planning entails making decisions and informing actions in ways that are socially rational. Planning serves a public or general purpose, such as ensuring the stability and growth of the economy; undertaking selected public investments and, in the absence of private sector interest, inducing desired actions on part of the private sector through various forms of subsidy; restraining private sector actions to safeguard the well-being of the population at large; redistributing income on grounds of equity; protecting individuals and businesses against the uncertainties of the market; and so forth. The planning process must continuously pursue and faithfully serve the public interest. Why is planning necessary? 1. To guide the overall economic stability and growth in a community – achieve a sensible and attractive land-use pattern – preserving or improving that which all ready exists – encourage economic development 2. To provide public services to meet the general needs of the community – location of public facilities – make sure that all are served with adequate toads, water, and sewer facilities – protect the general public health; minimizing threats to human health and life 3. To protect the environment – guide and manage development to minimize environmental damage – acquiring or dev…

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