Wife of BathProject instructio

Wife of BathProject instructions:Chaucer Essay Assignment .Please choose one of the following topics on which to write a substantial and fairly detailed essay. The purpose of your essay will not be to answer every question in the prompt but rather to support an arguable thesis that responds to these questions with specific textual evidence. Be sure to identify any information you retrieve from online or printed sources and to clearly and correctly acknowledge and document those sources1. Is the Wife of Bath a positive or negative figure in The Canterbury Tales? Readers of Chaucer have seen her in wildly different ways, from a ?gargoyle? representing a lifestyle that should terrify them to an anticipation of a feminist or ?liberated woman.? How does her idea of woman?s sovereignty in marriage contribute to your view of her? What doesn?t she mention in her prologue that one might expect her to, and which might relate her thematically to the pilgrims whom we look at in Lesson 4!

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