Will Rogers

William Penn Adair Rodgers Will Rogers shaped provided many people with laughter throughout the early 1900’s abroad and here in the United States through his many careers he chose. Will Rogers was born on November 4, 1879 in a home his father had built near the Verdigris River bottom lands in the Cooweescoowee District of Indian Territory. His parents were Mary and Clem Rodgers. They named there first son William Penn Adair Rodgers after a distinguished Cherokee, William Penn Adair, who served as his peoples delegate in Washington. Wills father had also served with him during the Civil War. When it was time for Will to go to school he was sent to stay with his sister Sallie. Their home was across the river from the Rogers ranch and near Drumgoul, which was soon to be young Wills first school. It was a little one-room log cabin, all Indian school, jsut four miles east of Chelsea. It was often difficult for Clem to be patient with Will. For he was a stubborn little boy. The activities Will enjoyed the most during his childhood were the rides with his father and the days where he spent every idle moment attempting to improve his roping skills. He had quite a few lariats taken away at school. Will did poorly in school most of the time, mainly because of his lack of interest. All he cared about was roping so that was all he cared to do. His father was constantly sending him to one school or another because he was constantly unsatisfied with Wills progress. One time Will even attended a girls school, because the president also had a boy Wills age. When Wills mother, Mary Rodgers, died of typhoid fever when he was ten it left a lonely, lost feeling That persisted long after he was successful and famous. When Will returned abruptly from one of his schools, Scarritt College, this gave his father an occasion for serious thought. He hoped that the strict discipline of Kemper Military Academy…

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