William the Conqueror

Introduction He is Lord of lords and King of kings (Rev.17:14) If hundred thousand people have to die, they will die. But well seize the power V.I. Lenin. Oh, Mother-Earth, how many battles have you seen?! How many brave and great sons of yours have died in the fields of massacre and shame?! They have been led by those, who want to own you, by those who desire their names to be written on your face. They could flood you with blood of innocent people, with tears of mothers, wives and children; they could cover you with the broken lives of those who were left to lie on the battlefields. They forget about your Creator, about the One, who gives them power One of those leaders, who wanted to seize the power, was William the Conqueror. William the Conqueror Duke of Normandy, King William I of England was born at Falaise in 1027 or 1028, and probably during the autumn of the latter year. His father was known as Robert the Devil and Robert the Magnificent. William was born of a liaison between the devilish duke and a tanners daughter, named Herleve of Herleva, and popularity remembered as Arlette or Arletta. According to legend, Robert and Arlette met when they were both in their late teens. Robert was riding his horse one day when he saw the lovely Arlette washing her clothes in a river. Instantly smitten, the duke sent one of his servants to summon Arlette to his castle. She agreed to become Roberts mistress, but insisted on living with him openly rather than conducting the affair in secrecy. Their son William was born within a year of their first meeting. Having read about the Williams childhood, it made me to realize why he wanted to be the first, and why his anger in the future would come out on people. William became the Duke of Normandy at the very early age. Even though his fathers barons swore fealty to William, after all they were trying to kill him. …

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