Winston Churchill2

Sir Winston Spencer Churchill Winston Churchill was born in 1874 and died, aged ninety, in 1965. He was active in British politics for almost sixty years and was twice Prime Minister. He was a soldier, an artist, a historian, and a journalist, as well as a politician. He was a man of great mental energy, of vivid imagination, and powerful ambition. He was frequently the center of stormy political activity; criticism and abuse were often showered upon him. But he died respected and mourned not only by his own nation, but by the world, for which he had done so much when he led the fight against Nazi tyranny and refused to surrender or to despair of victory. (Gilbert 13) On November 30, 1874, Winston Spencer Churchill was born to Lord Randolph Churchill and Jennie Churchill at Blenheim Palace. In 1888, he was placed in Harrow School. At the end of his first year at Harrow, the boys grades were still the lowest in his class. Reluctantly his father gave up any notion of Winstons following in his own footsteps. Remembering his sons passion for playing at war, Lord Randolph asked him if he was still interested in the army. Winston was delighted over the thought that his father recognized his military genius. The sad truth that his father considered him hopeless in any other field never occurred to the self-assured lad. (Manchester 13) He was then sent to Sandhurst, a Royal Military Academy, in 1893. He joined the army and began selling articles to the Daily Graphic. In 1898, his first book, The Malakand Field Force, was published. The next year he resigned from the army to enter politics. July 6, 1899 Churchill lost his first election as a Conservative candidate. When the Boer War broke out, the London Morning Post sent Churchill as a reporter. A month after arriving in South Africa he was captured by the Boers but made a daring escape. When he returned to England in 1900 he ran for election again and wo…

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