Wisdom-A Great Virtue Many great minds have walked this earth since the beginning of time. Most of them have come from different backgrounds, different families, and different economical situations. The one thing, however, that all these great minds have in common is wisdom. Wise people have experienced many different situations during their lives. They may have made a wrong decision and now know what to do if the problem arises again. They may have done the right thing and realize that they should not change anything. Either way, they learned something from the experience. A wise person is able to take that knowledge and apply it to their life. It is used in making decisions of all kinds and helping others with their problems. Wise people have high moral standards. They were raised in a way that their conscience tells them the right thing to do in the majority of situations that occur during the course of their life. Wisdom does not come from just knowing the information that is taught in schools. It is about being able to take that knowledge and use it in the real world. Most of the things taught are not directly going to be used in the careers that people choose. Dentists, for example, might use a little math while performing their duties, but not a great deal of it. Most of the things that a dentist does are learned by practice on real human beings. A dentistry student could know all the information in every book that he was ever given, but without ever practicing those skills, he does not really know what dentistry is about. With every problem there are different circumstances and different outcomes. Knowing how to handle those different circumstances is something wise people know how to do. Since problem solving cannot really be taught, sometimes one must make mistakes and learn what to do the next time the problem arises in order to gain this kind of wisdom. A wise person is able to keep a clear head. Th…

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