Professor Tricomy Witches, Scapegoats and Disorder Section04 Are the Witches in Macbeth Psychological Projections? “No estate, no class, no group, however conceived, was completely exempt from the persuasiveness of belief in witchcraft witches could strike anywhere.” . One of the most famous questions that still exists today is, do witches really exist or are they simply a creation of the human mind? Reginal Scott questions the intentions behind the witch craze. According to him witchcraft and those being accused were questionable. He was very skeptical about whether or not these accusations were legitimate or if people were accusing others simply in fear of their own lives. In writing his doubts about witchcraft his own life was in danger. He was aware that at anytime he could himself of being a witch. “But whatsoever is reported or conceived of such manners of witchcraft, I dare avow to be false and fabulous (coosinage, dotage, and poisoning excepted) neither is there any mention made of these kind of witches in the Bible.” Reginal Scott had his doubts about the existence of witchcraft because there is no mention of the existence of witchcraft in the Bible. His question was not whether or not witches truly existed but what was the extent of their power. However, his questioning of the extent of their power, questions whether or not they were truly a threat to society. He questioned whether or not this “craze” was truly necessary. At the Persecutions at Bamberg, the mayor himself, Johannes Junius, wrote a letter to his daughter talking about his experiences. This letter states that he only confessed to witchcraft because he was tortured over a period of many days. He writes of how each day a different mode of torture was inflicted upon him. Tortures such as thumbscrews, legscrews, and the strappado were inflicted upon him until he confessed. He states that the men tr…

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