Womens Liberation

DO NOT USE AT ASMS The Womens Liberation When the Womens Suffrage Movement was deemed a success in the early 1920s, women lowered their voices, apparently satisfied with their accomplishment. They did not dare to acknowledge the remaining gender-related inequalities, much less vie for their decline (Early 20th Century). For over a century, women had fought for the most basic of rights. They fought not only the plebeian society, but also many of the intellectuals of the Enlightenment. When Jean Jacques Rousseau, one of the most influential writers of the Enlightenment, claimed that women were naturally suited to be subordinate companions of men, English writer Mary Wollstonecraft wrote her manifest, A Vindication of the Rights of Women. It argued to Rousseau and anyone else who belittled women that women are naturally rational, as are their male counterparts. It stated that the reason this rationality is not as apparent in women is that they lack the education of men to cultivate it. She further argued that education is key in successful marriages, so that husband and wife are not only legal partners, but also friends (Encarta Womens Rights) Mary Wollstonecraft laid the path for future women to follow, but women did not follow this path until they started to become used to the minuscule amount of attention that Wollstonecraft afforded them. When this happened, women began to see more room for improvement in their treatment and rights. The step proceeding Wollstonecraft was Womens Suffrage, and when this was achieved, as previously mentioned, feminism again became quiet. After three decades of inactivity, women again began to see more rights that males were allowed yet not them, so again, feminists began pushing for advancement in their cause. This renewal of interest, however, was not only due to the fact that women saw room for improvement through familiarity with established rights of wome…

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