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1) Throughout the selection Jamaica Kinkaid seems to not be dealing with conflict in the present but more with reflecting on her conflicts in the past. She portrays her mother in not the best sense sharing with us how she would always talk down to her kids and never be motherly?. Kinkaid states when her and her siblings were younger the mother was viewed as more of a God? than a mother that she was always there to help them out in times of need but as they started to grow the mothers outlook on her children wouldWork Sheet Questions change. The kids started to resent their mother to a point where Kinkaid said she would rather be dead than spend an eternity to with her?. Kinkaid was left on bad terms with her mother 3 years with no speaking because her mother never supported her responsibilities and didn?t consider Kinkaid becoming an independent woman. 2) At the time of the conflict which is when Kinkaid had started to grow up I could tell that she was very hurt by it. She says how she has children now and they love one another and love her and she relates it back to her growing up and how everything was so much different with her relationship with her mother. When Kinkaid?s mother was acting the way she was towards herself and her siblings she had a sense of resentment towards her mother because all her mother would do is discourage and lower her self esteem by all the negative comments being said. There was a sense of tension between the mother and her children her children (to me) always seemed like they were unhappy by their mothers actions and the way she acted towards them. A mother is suppose to be the best person in your life a care taker some one always there to pick you up but not in the case we are given with Jamaica Kinkaid. 3) When dealing with initial perspective? I decide to always culturally analyze the essay and what is going on throughout it. I noticed that at the beginning of the essay Kinkaid is referring to her mother as a God? using the word god as a term to her your mother made me take a religious look on some parts of the essay. When Kinkaid tries to explain to us how her mother is a God? I can?t help but stop myself and think she is just explaining what normal mothers do?. I believe she perceived her mother as a God whenever she helped her kids and was there for them and when she wasn?t she was just a mother?. I think the author holds her perspective of hurt throughout the essay because she is trying to share with her audience the way she felt and was treated throughout all the times with her mother. 4) Different perspectives exist in the same time period because there are millions of people living in the same time period and everyone is entitled to their own thought. Take slavery for example in the South there were white people and black people. The black people hated slavery because they were the slaves and were being mistreated doing labor where as the white people just controlled them. That is the same time period but two different perspectives. 5) There is no perspective change over time. Jamaica Kinkaid starts off the essay by telling us her problem with her mother as the essay goes on she elaborates and tells us details leading up to all the problems such as the issues with her brother and not knowing her real father. And she ends the story with speaking about her children and referring briefly back to why things never worked out with her mother. 6) I don?t believe there was a perspective time because as I said Kinkaid stuck with the same theory throughout the essay. There was never a time in the essay where she had a total change of heart about her mother there were times when she did talk good about her when she would tell stories how her mother would take care of the kids when ever something was wrong but mostly the story talks about the dislike and misunderstanding between a mother and her children.”

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