Workers and LAborers

Workers and Laborers There are two kinds of people in the work force. There are laborers and there are workers. The difference between these two types of people is that a worker enjoys his or her job while a laborer does not. To the laborer, his or her life is almost equivalent to a wage slave. For those laborers, there only escape is leisure time. This is essentially the opposite of their lives, a time where there is freedom and compulsion. To the worker, leisure time consist of enough rest so that they can do their jobs effectively. In the two ways that these two types of people enjoy their free time, how do we know which person spends their time better? I believe that a worker often spends his of her leisure time more productively than a laborer does. A personal experience of this matter consisted of a friend of mine. He used to work at a local restaurant as a bus boy. To me, he was a laborer. He didnt enjoy his job at all. Whenever he would have a day off, he would be grateful and happy. Although, he would often spend his days complaining about how horrible his job was and the fact that he had to go back to work the next day. He would find himself doing anything that would get his mind off work. Things such as drinking or smoking ended up a major past time of his. He concluded that drinking and smoking was an escape from his horrid job. The more he hated his job, the more he would go out and party in an attempt to escape it. A man who is a worker went by the name of Mr. Franklin. This man was my high school computer science teacher. He enjoyed his job to the fullest extent. The fact that he could teach us what he had spent so many years doing made him a happier person. In his leisure time away from teaching, he would spend a portion of it planning things to make the class more interesting and better for us. He would also take more time to spend with his family, or go out and have some personal time playing video …

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