WORLD; Central Bank

WORLD; Central BankYour need to write around 2000 words excluding references, font times new roman, 12, about 1- how should be the structure of the suggested Central Bank for GCC? 2- how might this bank be similar or different from the European Central Bank? 3- what are the arguments for and against the GCC central bank? 4- what are the most important objectives and functions for GCC central Bank? Note:*There is still no Central bank for GCC they still debating on having one. *If they are going to have a central bank for GCC For European central bank are they going to have same currency or not? For example like the European Central bank, they have the Euros excluding London why??..etc. Finance Rubric attached should be followed, and the essay must have excellent writing skills. The report should include (executive summary, Introduction, discussion, conclusion, and references list). This project will be used to assess the learning outcomes L01 (writing skills 4 marks) and L04 (global prospective 4 marks) the marks will be allocated based on the attached Finance rubric for Learning outcomes L01 and L03. Learning outcomes: 1. (LO1) Demonstrate effective written communication skills 2. (LO4) Evaluate global perspective in finance:

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