world civ cheat

S.Asin phiosophies to the West. Third World countries w/ collective widespread lasting poverty in Asia , Africa, South and Cent, Amer. Low life expect. High inf. mortality. Poor health. Underdeveloped, lack of resources create this as well as colonization and exploitation by imperial powers. Trench Warfare (WWI) a new dev’d method of fighting utilizing ditches dug on the western front=deadlock and killing thousands of soldiers for virtual stalemate. 3X Entente-France, Russ, GB (WWI). 3x Alliance- Germany,Austria-Hungary, Italy (WWI) United Nations founded 1945 in final phase of WWII to maintain int’l peace and security, and promote int’l coop’n forum for denunc’n colonial expansion and negotioation of eco. Gain sought by dev’pg countries following polit. Independence. colonial expansion and negotioation of eco. Gain sought by dev’pg countries following polit. Independence. Universal Declaration of Human Rights catalog of rights adopted by UN in 1948. Sum of int’l trading policies, civ. Rights, legal systems ; rights to life, liberty, security of personal freedom from arbitrary arrest, to social security, right to work, education. Versailles treaty- ncluded payment of reparations, admission of german responsiility for the war, loss of several territories in euro. As well as overseas colonies, demmilitar. Of German territory west of the Rhine& limitation of german armed forces to 1,000 troop. Signed in 1919 in Paris. The major pwrs involved were US, GB and France. WaBenzi (Kenya) dom. Class of “state bourgeosie” in Africa; dev’d as state spending generated thousands jobs and gov’t bureaucracies, such as people chauffered in Mercedes-Benz. Warsaw Pact nations including Sov. Union, Poland, E. Ger, Czech, Hung, Rom, Bulg, and Alb. Treaty est. mutual defense org in response to NATO; strengthened Soviet hold on satellite countries. Weimar Republic gov. in Germ. Following WWI unt’l Great Depression. New Gov. of lib’l dem politcians; …

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