world conflicts

In the 1990’s,conflicts have threatened peace in many nations or areas of the world. Nigeria has been disrupted by conflict between prodemocracy forces and its military leaders. Nigeria has been ruled by military dictators for most of its 35 years of independence. The first elections held in over ten years in 1993 gave a landslide victory to Moshood Abiola, a prominent businessman, who was supported across ethnic lines in the large, multicultural nation. However, the military cancelled the results of the election and suppressed demonstrations and strikes in support of Abiola. When Abiola declared himself president, he was accused of treason by dictator General Sani Abacha, and again the army put down the protests. Abiola remains in prison where his health continues to deteriorate. Iraq invaded, occupied,and annexed Kuwait in August 1990, contending that the neighboring nation historically was part of Iraq. The other nations of the world called the invasion an act of aggression that should be opposed by the international community. The United States and other nations quickly sent troops to Saudi Arabia to protect it from possible attack. When Iraq ignored UN resolutions calling for it to withdraw, the UN Security Council authorized the use of force. A multinational force from 28 nations of almost 700,000 armed forces, about two-thirds from the United States, assembled in the Middle East. Air strikes against Iraq were followed by a land offensive in Operation Desert Storm in early 1991. The invasion of Iraq ended when the goal of the United Nations to liberate Kuwait was achieved, but Saddam Hussein remains in power in Iraq and continues to be a threat to peace in the region. Long-standing political and economic differences between Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland broke out in angry clashes over 25 years ago and continue as a source of strife. The Catholic minority claims that Catholics have suffered housi…

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