World Literature I.

ENGLISH 207, Section 003: World Literature I.AssignmentsTest #1: 20 PointsTest #2: 20 PointsTest #3/Final Exam: 40 PointsEssay (1600-2000): 80 pointsRough Draft for Essay: 5 pointsPeer Review for Essay: 5 pointsPeer ReviewBefore the essay is due, a group of your peers will review your work. The day of peer review,you will bring a copy of your essay and exchange with your group members. You will reviewyour peers? essays using a handout of questions, which I will provide. Bringing in your copy aswell as responding and participating in the peer review sessions are graded. The purpose of thepeer review exercise is for students to help each other with the assignment and to share alearning experience in the classroom. I divide the points between the rough draft itself and thepeer review for the benefit of students who show up without a rough draft but who can stillparticipate in the peer review activity in class. Therefore, points for the rough draft are onlyavailable in conjunction with the peer review in-class activity, and the peer reviews must be donein class.Class Participation: 25 points. (One point available for each day of class with Discuss (check for the help you need)ion.) Youcan earn this point by being present in class, (awake and following along), on time (and stayinguntil the end), refraining from using your phone (or other technology) and by participating whenI call on you. When called upon, you can earn the point if you make a good effort to Discuss (check for the help you need) thematerial/answer the question, and if it?s obvious that you read the material. Points cannot bemade up if you are absent. They can only be earned if you are present, and if I call on you thatday, you adequately participate. On some days, I may give a reading quiz that will count towardyour participation point, if you remain attentive for the remainder of the class.If you participate more than I expect, or give particularly well thought out answers, I may decideto give you an extra point for that day. The extra possible point will be given at my discretionand will count as extra credit toward your final grade in the class (although no more than 6 extracredit points [3 pre-midterm/3 post-midterm] can be earned for participation).Also, there will be an extra credit assignment available, which will be worth three points. I offerthis assignment because sometimes people are legitimately ill or need to miss class. I willannounce the assignment toward the end of the semester.Total for class: 195 Points

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