World War I1

Results of World War I World War I became known as the “Great War” because it was the biggest war ever in the history of the world. It was supposed to be the war to end all wars. But it wasn’t, 20 years later Germany rebuilt its army, and tried again to take over Europe. The peace treaties were partially responsible for World War II. (A) The end of World War I came after 4 years of harsh fighting. When the Americans joined the war effort in April of 1917, the Allies were given unlimited industrial and manpower resources. The US were decisive in winning the war, by sending about 10,000 soldiers per day, over to Europe. Revolution in Germany finally brought an end to the war. In October, 1918, the people of Germany couldn’t tolerate the slaughter no more. An armistice, based on Wilson’s 14 points, was signed on November 11, 1918. Germany had to evacuate all territory west of the Rhine immediately. (B) The Treaty of Versailles, named for the French palace where it was unveiled, was put together by 70 delegates; representing 27 victorious allied nations at, what was called, the Paris Peace Conference. Germany nor Russia were allowed to attend the conference because Russia, who broke away from the war, because of conflicts at home, signed a separate peace treaty with Germany. The leaders of the “Big Four,” consisting of Woodrow Wilson from the US, Georges Clemenceau from France, David Lloyd George from England, and Vittorio Orlando from Italy, made most of the important decisions at the Conference. Clemenceau was a tough, determined, and skillful politician. He was also a vengeful, old man. He was determined that Germany should not only suffer for what they had done, but that the peace terms should make it impossible for Germany to wage war ever again. Lloyd George was also a skillful politician. He wanted Germany’s war leaders to be punished. And he was determined that none of Wilson’s 14 points shou…

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