write a 350 ? 750 word paper addressing all 4 of the Week 4 objectives found in the syllabus. The paper must have at least one reference, must be written using APA format and must comment on a minimum of 2 financial ratios. 1.2 Describe the four segments that comprise a financial management system. 1.3 Identify financial reporting practices and ethical standards of conduct. 2.1 Describe the annual report and financial statements of a health care organization. 2.2 Explain the utilization of health care revenue sources. 2.3 Describe how revenues and expenses are grouped for planning and control. 3.1 Describe the process for creating an operating and a capital budget. 3.2 Analyze costing methods in the health care industry. Describe the financial concepts related to health care staffing. 4.2 Explain the use of trend analysis. 4.3 Summarize the utilization of forecasting and comparative data. 4.4 Identify key financial ratios.

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