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Drag racing is a motorsport that everyone can participate in with relative ease. Grassroots racing developed out of a desire for competition among young adults. Experiencing a drag racing event completes the immersion process being sought in this course. To complete this assignment you need to visit and witness a drag racing event in progress during the time of this course. Then you can properly write the reflection.

If you are a distance student you may visist a dragstrip near where you live to complete this assignment.

Conveniently located in Terre Haute (for in-class students), Crossroads Dragway www.crossroadsdragway.com has agreed to allow current AET 330 students a complimentary opportunity (one free admission) on one of the scheduled Friday Night Fun Nights or Saturday E.T. Bracket Racing events to experience drag racing from a spectators point of view.

Crossroads Dragway may coordinate a tour for students of this course (attending the tour is not required)
Students may elect to participate in the Friday Night Fun Night by racing their own street vehicle.&νβσÏ;
Students may opt to be a spectator in lieu of actually racing.
Under no circumstance will the grade earned in this experiential learning opportunity be impacted by on-track performance.
In fulfillment of this assignment students will write a reflection of the experience connecting the How to Drag Race text, the tour, and the experience to previous life experiences thereby reflecting their learning of motorsports.
The paper should be 900-1200 words
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