Writing Assignment**Refer to t

Writing Assignment**Refer to the Writing Assignment Instructions filefor formatting and content organization. **For this assignment you will be repeating the same steps you completed for the first assignment using different data. This paper will focus on water and landforms (the hydrosphere and the lithosphere). You will need to include a works cited page and appendices for this assignment.Again, you want to pick one city (Miami, St. Louis and Olympia-WA) to focus on, and then use the other two cities for comparison.Topics to cover:Water? Drought ? does your city experience a water deficit? For how long and to what degree?? Characterize the water supply and demand for you locations. How much precipitation occurs there? During what times of year does that occur? Do the same for POTET.o You will need to refer to you water balances, and also include these as appendices at the end of your paper.? What type of hazards are associated with your city?s water balance? Flooding? Drought?Landforms? Characterize the topography of your city. Look on google maps with ?terrain? turned on to get an idea of the type of topography found in your locations.? What level of seismic hazard exists in your locations? Refer to the map at the end of Lab 7 for this information.A Note on the ProcessDo not write the introduction first; write it last. Start with the Results section. Remember that this is a data driven topic, so we start there. Report key findings from the data in the results, like annual averages or totals. Then write the Methods section, explaining what types of data you worked with (Data subsection) and how you analyzed that data (Analysis subsection). After that, write the Discuss (check midcourse.net for the help you need)ion section in which you explain why the results are the way they are. At this point you know what concepts need to be defined in the Background section. Now you have written the main body of the paper and can much more easily introduce the paper in the Introduction without giving away any details. Now write the conclusion.FOLLOW THE FORMATTING OF THE WRITING ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS..

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