Written Assessment of Australian Taxation System

Written Assessment of Australian Taxation SystemThe requirements of the assignment for part two is to produce a 1000 to 1500 wordessay on your opinion of the Australian Taxation System which is based on yourfindings from the Australian newspapers and any other research you may want toundertake, please do not just provide a summary of the articles you have included in Part 1.Criteria for Marking AssignmentsThis gives you an idea of what we are looking for when marking the assessmentsStructureIntroduction to assignmentContent of body (detailed)Conclusion to assignmentAppropriate sentence structureCorrect grammar, spelling and punctuationAppropriate use of languageParagraph sizes appropriateFont size readabilityAppropriate line spacingAppropriate headings and sub-headingsPaginationConsistent formatContentEvidence of appropriate reading on the areas requiredShows an understanding of the topicsShows conceptual understanding of the issued involved in the assignmentShows ability to analyse the issues involved in the assignmentShows ability to convey to marker an understanding of the issuesShows an understanding of the legal issues involvedShows an ability to think broadlyIncludes understanding of relevant legislation, rulings, etcIncludes all relevant documentation and attachments that is required within theassignment to back up theoryReferencing ? Special referencing style, I can email you the copy of the guide sheet.Refers to sections of legislation (where appropriate)Refers to legal cases (where appropriate)Uses correct method of citing legislation and casesReferences appropriate and currentUses references to identify sources of information and acknowledges such sourcesBibliography at the end indicating materials read/used???????????????????????????????Henry told us in his guide to the Institutional Framework of Taxation in Australia thatthe Australian Taxation System is one of the most complex in the world and is madeup of approximately 125 taxes including taxes such as Income Tax, Capital GainsTax, Fringe Benefits Tax and Goods and Services Tax just to name a few. He alsomentioned that there are many different organisations that play different and variedroles within this system to ensure its integrity and all Australians are equally treatedwith equity.The Australian Taxation System is embedded in the way of life for all Australiantaxpayers, we pay tax on our income, we pay tax when we purchase goods and useservices, we pay tax when we sell assets and this is just to name a few.It is important that you as a future tax professional understand how this systemimpacts on yourself and those around you and this can be seen from payingattention to media reports.This assessment is in two parts ?Part OneYou are required from week 1 to week 9 to review Australian newspapers suchas the West Australian, Financial Review, The Australian, Sunday Times andvarious others for articles on Australian Tax. You need to find 20 articles whichwill be handed in with your assignment. If you do not have access to AustralianNewspapers for examples you are an overseas student or have financial issues then you may use the Factiva Database within the Library. A factsheet on how to use this database in attached.Part TwoAfter spending 9 weeks reading newspapers on the Australian Taxation System, youshould have started to develop your own view of the system and how the system isused for different purposes.For example many consider that it is used as a political tool by governments andother political parties, that it is far too complex and the average Australian does notfully understand their taxation obligations, that the organisations that are responsiblefor administrating the system are overloaded already. Whilst others have a strongview that the system is one of the best in the world and that its function is to raisemoney for public goods and without tax we do not have a civilised society. Theseare just a few observations and there are many more and if you speak to a numberof different people you will get very wide ranging opinions.

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