Young Goodman Brown2

“Young Goodman Brown” Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “Young Goodman Brown” is set of the mid 1800’s. Hawthorne uses extensive symbolism. This story took us on road of two parallel meanings of Goodman’s life and faith. With the many symbols we understand the loss of Goodman’s faith. Goodman Brown was a young Puritan. Goodman has been called on an errand and his new wife, Faith, asks him not to go. They are newly married and she doesn’t want him to leave. Goodman says that he has to go and looks back as she waves goodbye. Faith is the symbol for what he left behind and needed to hang on to. Faith has had dreams of his errand, but Goodman puts them aside and goes forward with his plans. When he returns he plans to follow her to heaven. Faith represents faith in God and good. She does not respond to Satan’s call. Although she has been tempted many times she stood true to her faith. Goodman takes a journey through the forest, which is dark and has places you can see it, but is a dark, grim, eerie place. A forest can make you feel afraid of what you may find at every turn. Hawthorne’s use of names is symbolic as well. Goodman represents a good man, where Goody Cloyse’s represents a spiritual woman. Goodman meets a stranger and proceeds to walk with him. The stranger carries a staff, which resembles a serpent. This stranger bears a resemblance to Goodman himself, as if they could be father and son. The stranger is Satan who takes him on a long adventure. Satan being the originator of evil has planted a seed of doubt in Goodman’s heart. Goodman knows the right thing to do is to turn around and go back, but he keeps listening to Satan and never really turns away. Satan basis his friendship with Goodman on Satan’s history with his father and grandfather. Satan claims that Goodman will carry out acts just like his father, grandfather and great grandfather. To me Satan is saying that is human nature that we will sin. …

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