Zinn and mathaai

Zinn and mathaaiformulate an essay using this prompt:Drawing on examples from both Unbowed: A Memoir (2006) and You Can?t Stay Neutral on a Moving Train (1992), address one of the following topics in a text analysis essay that synthesizes what you can learn from Wangari Maathai and Howard Zinn as peace activists. You are writing an essay about a larger subject than the books you read. Like a mini-research paper (with two sources), your essay should bring together information from both texts so that you can make a statement about a topic of great significance to our course theme of Social Justice.EDUCATION as ESSENTIAL How do Maathai?s and Zinn?s own lives, as well as their work and philosophy, emphasize the significance of education and use it to their advantage? Yet, how does each one go outside the confines of formal education and discuss what it means to be truly wise? How do formal and informal education play a role in each one?s success (ie: the ability to effect change)? What role does education play in their activist background? (Consider what types of informal education emerge in each book.):

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